Our Money - Mint Infusion, Organic Black Tea is not only mystical & magical but has a refreshing minty flavour with a natural sweetness.


A herbal infusion with a touch of black tea that you will want to drink all day. With a combination of Organic Himalayan Black Tea once used as a currency in the orient. Peppermint/Spearmint to attract & protect money, Cinnamon & Fenugreek for money attraction, Allspice for prosperity, Ginger for abundance & Clove for luck, with all ingredients enchanted under the full moon.


The herbs, spics & flowers used in this brew have been used throughout history in magical rituals to attract money, abundance, prosperity & luck! So either way you drink about it, this brew is not only "Mystical & Magical", but is good luck for your mind and body!


Available online or instore at 

The Spiritual Realm Tea Room

787 Stanley Street


Message 0411254880 for payment details - postage extra.

Money WitchyPoo Enchanted Brew